3D Printing


Additive Manufacturing is one of the ultimate techologies that allow to find innovative solutions to almost technical and industrial problems in realizing limited series and/or complicated projects to be produced.

It is actually the most useful help to production, projecting and prototyping. It allows to simplify geometries and materials that are normally difficult to build (such as Titanium) and it especially allows the improve better performances in the spare parts market as well as the maintenance one, while it could be possible to realize parts just in time in a very limited leadtime, at lower costs.

There are a quite wide range of analisys that state that the mechanical properties of the parts produces thanks to the Additive Manufacturing technologies have confirmed that all their caratheristics are comparable with those pertaining to the same parts produced thanks to the traditional technologies. Moreover the density of those parts is very high (more than 99,8%). 

Of course not every kind of product could be suitably produced through the Additive Manufacturing technology. It becomes the best technology when applied to parts whose geometry could be improved taking over the material that is not needed for the purpose of the part itself, so that it become lighter and in the meantime it preserve its own mechanical features and is less costly.

For exemple