How we work

We carry out our activity going in search of maximum level design and production solutions. The vast range of printers and related technologies used for 3D printing enables us to be totally flexible and to choose the use of the best technology depending on the type of product requested by the Customer. This guarantees the required mechanical characteristics of the products, according to their intended use.


Our experience in processing metals using traditional techniques extends over many years. Our organisation boasts highly competent and professional staff which have made us one of the leading operators in the mechanical sector.

3D printing technology constitutes an innovative production method which also presupposes the knowledge and skills that come from our long-standing experience and professional expertise. The mere availability of a 3D printer is not sufficient, by itself, to guarantee high quality production without our professionalism and specific knowledge.


We believe that besides an undisputed quality and precision in processing activities, producing elements with 3D printing offers the following advantages:

  • Competitive costs thanks to the almost total absence of processed raw material waste;
  • Fast processing times and, consequently, time to market;
  • Optimisation of prototyping activities (elimination of the costs of lost moulds, drastic reduction in the time required to obtain the designed prototype);
  • Absolute competitiveness in producing the elements on a small scale.


We set ourselves the goal of being a “service” for our Customers by offering:

  • Technical design skills
  • Production of elements designed, required or useful to the Customer

Where production industries do not intend to invest in their own 3D printers, which would make it difficult to allow adequate investment returns, they can rely on us. They can benefit from all the advantages that come from the use of this innovative technology, without resorting to significant investments that might not find their full use because of the production characteristics of the Customer company.